Why Train in Combatives?

Why Train in Combatives?

Training in Combatives is different than other types of martial arts training. At Combatives Academy our focus is singular. We train to survive and overcome real world violent attacks, what we call "total violence". Although most self defense schools have a similar goal in mind, it is difficult to acknowledge all of the skill sets required for total violence, even by most martial arts schools. Schools that focus on a particular system for example, might find it difficult or impossible to teach the full array of combative skill sets. Combatives is much more than just a mix of martial skills. It is a specific set of skills

Core Competency 
All martial arts schools have a core competency that they teach. Some schools may be excellent in striking but lack grappling, other schools might have an outstanding MMA program but lack weapons training. For Combatives training, a full range of skill sets are required, from striking, to grappling, to hand fighting…

Silat Stick with Guru Dan Huybrechts


Pendekar Paul De Thouars demonstrating in Holland


JKD's 'Progressive Indirect Attack' Drills at Combatives Academy


Master Kirk McCune demonstrating Bahala Na Martial Arts at Combatives Ac...


What is Combatives?

Our school teaches Combatives. What exactly does that mean? Is it the same as Army Combatives? Not exactly, there are many similarities but we primarily teach the civilian. Although we implement much of the same techniques and concepts found in Brazilian Jujitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, and concepts from Hoplology in our overall curriculum, the core of our Combatives Training is weapons based. We consider the knife to be the most important consideration in modern Combatives based training.

The most important weapon to study in Combatives is the knife. Why? Because if it works against someone with a knife than it works with someone without a knife. But the opposite is not true. Many empty hand techniques are far too dangerous to use against the knife. The best way for a beginner to learn the knife is to first learn the short stick. For the beginner, the short stick teaches many fundamentals that are critical for more advanced study in weapons craft. The stick is a safe training tool to …

Blade Based Combatives Training - Bahala Na's Legacy

Reprinted with Permission from Bahala Na Escrima.
The following is the Biography of Grand Master Leo Giron, founder of Balaha Na Escrima. 

Biography of Grand Master Emeritus Leo M. Giron (1911 - 2002)

Leovigildo "Leo" Miguel Giron was born in Bayambang a little barrio in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines on August 20, 1911. Young Giron first started his training in the Filipino arts because of the neighborhood children and bullies that would take advantage of him and others. Giron soon learned, however, that if he stood up to hem and made one of them cry, the rest would run away and leave him alone.

All of Giron's early training was with family members. They would train under the mango tree late at night. Giron would first hold the lantern for the training until his father had asked the teacher to train young Giron. His training started in 1921 and lasted until 1926 until Giron would set sail on the USS President Lincoln for America.

Giron landed in San Francisco in Nov…