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What is Combatives?

Our school teaches Combatives. What exactly does that mean? Is it the same as Army Combatives? Not exactly, there are many similarities but we primarily teach the civilian. Although we implement much of the same techniques and concepts found in Brazilian Jujitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, and concepts from Hoplology in our overall curriculum, the core of our Combatives Training is weapons based. We consider the knife to be the most important consideration in modern Combatives based training.

The most important weapon to study in Combatives is the knife. Why? Because if it works against someone with a knife than it works with someone without a knife. But the opposite is not true. Many empty hand techniques are far too dangerous to use against the knife. The best way for a beginner to learn the knife is to first learn the short stick. For the beginner, the short stick teaches many fundamentals that are critical for more advanced study in weapons craft. The stick is a safe training tool to …